Virtual Horse Racing Betting Online

Virtual horse race betting is a relatively new way to gambling online. There are several benefits of choosing a virtual horse race track over a brick and mortar track. This guide will explain how virtual horse race betting works. Virtual horses never get tired and are ready to race 24/7. When I go to the local track I always hate waiting the 15 minutes between races. At virtual horse tracks the post time is whenever you hit the start button.

Another benefit to virtual horse tracks is that there is no “human element”. Everything is control by a computer program that is tested and certified by the respected third party companies. This means that you will never have to worry about  jockey “throwing a race”.

The best virtual horse racing can be found at Bet365, Paddypower and Betfair. Each of these companies have been in the online gambling industry for many years and well know for being fair and trustworthy.

How Does A Virtual Horse Race Work?

Virtual races work in much the same way as live horse races only everything is controlled by a computer program. You can place the same type of wagers that you would at a live race track. I won’t get into how all of the bets works because I’m not really qualified for that. When I wager at a virtual track I usually stick to making trifecta wagers.

Virtual Horse Betting Vs Live Horse betting

Apart from being able to wager on virtual horse races any time you want there are a couple other benefits. I can only speak for myself but when I go to a live track I get somewhat nervous when I go to make my wagers. There have been several times when I mistakenly placed the wrong wager because I felt rushed. Nothing is worse than having 15 people in line behind you with 1 minute til post time and not knowing exactly how to place your bet.

With virtual horse betting you an take your time. The race starts when you want it to. The companies that offer this popular service provide you with detailed instructions on betting so you can take your time and make solid wagers.

After your first month at a virtual track you will learn a lot about horse race gambling. The next time you go to the track with your buddies you can impress them with your new-found knowledge. It will also help you become a better gambler. You’ll learn more about how the odds work and hopefully win money in the process. Virtual horse betting allows you to wager small amounts so you can take it slow.

Payouts at virtual horse races can exceed £200,000 so even novices have a change to win big. All in all, virtual horse race betting is perfect for novices and professionals alike. They are very fun and the virtual track is never closed so you can gamble whenever you have the itch.

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