US Poker Sites For 2015 – Predictions

This is my first blog post and I will be talking about USA online poker rooms in 2013 and 2014. I am not able to look into the future so when I talk about U.S. poker rooms in 2015 I will be predicting. I do know quite a big about poker sites for US players right now though so all of that information will be accurate. I will begin by explaining why so many online poker players are upset about Ultimate Poker. You would think that Nevada legalizing online poker and launching a poker room would be good news but it is not. The people behind Ultimate Poker are incompetent and are making the poker industry look bad. Online casinos in 2015 will include big names like and Win Palace.


What would you do if you were new to online poker and you decided to check out the first legal USA poker room. You are playing for real money – Texas Holdem – and your first hole card is a A of Hearts. So far so good. Your next hole card is the Ace of Hearts. Pocket rockets, hell ya! Wait a minute….are we playing with two decks?


Things like this have been happening at the only poker room that US players can gamble at legally. If you had always been skeptical about the fairness of online poker this would be the nail in the coffin. How can the gambling capital of the universe now create a simple poker platform? Small time US poker sites in 2014 have been doing it for years without issues like this.


Not even 1% of America  can play at Ultimate Poker anyway, just people from Nevada. US poker rooms in 2015 like Bet Online Poker are much better.


Predictions For US Online Poker Rooms In 2015


I predict that USA poker rooms like Lock Poker will be history. The CEO there will likely be hiding in a basement somewhere. The payouts at Lock Poker are taking 5+ months. I expect the top U.S. poker sites in 2015 to be Full Flush  Poker and Pokerstars. Fulltilt Poker will likely be up there too.


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