US Poker Players – Poker 4 Ever

Are you a US poker player and looking for a new poker room for US citizens? I came across this one poker room and just had to create a site about it. It is a very small site though. I like to play small stakes poker so the traffic doesn’t bother me much. The room is Poker 4 Ever and there are a few features that you won’t find at the big rooms. I’m sure you have heard of a rake race before but the rake races at Poker 4 Ever are very different from what you’ll find elsewhere.

At larger rooms you’d be competing against xx,xxx-xxx,xxx+ players is the standard rake race. At Poker 4 Ever you’ll be competing against hundreds, not hundreds of thousands. There are 3 main rake races here:

  • $2,000 Main Rake Race- The main rake race has a $2,000 jackpot. Even considering the size of the room it would take 20+ hours/week of play to make it in the top 25 but you can do this playing small stakes poker. At the larger rooms you’ll be up against medium-high stakes players who play 12+ hours a day and they usually play at 4+ tables at once.
  • $250 Omaha Rake Race – Even if you only played Omaha poker at Poker 4 Ever for an hour a day, 5 days a week at the small stakes tables you would be guaranteed a top 5 finish and win some money. It’s very rare to even see more than 1 Omaha table going at any given time so this is an easy one to win.
  • $250 NL Texas Hold’em Rake Race – This one is kind of confusing. They might as well just add $250 to the main race because NL Holdem is obviously the most commonly played game anyway. But I’m not going to turn my nose down at $250.

Our first deposit bonus offer is a 100% ,match up to $150. If you use this link to visit their site and download the software our bonus code will already be filled in. If not, you will need to enter the Poker 4 Ever bonus code P4E2011. For more info read this Poker 4 Ever review.

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