Small Stakes HORSE Poker Strategy

Small stakes HORSE poker cash games are mainly played by players who want to get to know the games involved in HORSE poker. This means that there is a lot of “dead” money at the table for you to win. Players will be trying their hand at games they have not played before and of which they might not even know the complete rules. A lot of players at small stakes HORSE poker tables will struggle to comprehend that A-2-3-4-7 gets beaten by A-2-4-5-6 in Razz for instance. Knowing HORSE poker strategy will help you win more pots. HORSE is most commonly played at Pokerstars. Our Poker Stars promotional code will allow you to play in out free rolls.
You can take advantage of this and win money, but you should also be aware that most of these players will chase cards or call regardless of your holding. If you have 4 diamonds shown in 7CS players might still call you down with 2 pair. This is not because they think they are in front, but they simply don’t look at other players hands or they just want to try and get lucky.
For small stakes HORSE games it is basically like playing micro level Texas HoldEm.
There will be a lot of bad players at the table and the occasional shark. It is just important to find out which is which

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