PokerView Review & Bonus Offer

PokerView has recently been put in the spotlight because they are one of the only rooms that American poker players can play at for real money. Poker View is part of the Everleaf Network. A year ago this network was a ghost town despite having decent software and excellent promotions. Nowadays the tables are pretty active, especially the Texas Holdem tables. This PokerView review will explain what this poker room has to offer.

Poker View Deposit Bonus

If you have never had an account at PokerView you can receive a bonus for making a deposit and playing at their tables. The top PokerView bonus is a 100% match up to $600. This PokerView bonus can be claimed by entering the  bonus code PNREPORT.

This bonus is definitely superior to most others because you will have six months to clear it. Many poker rooms only give you 30-60 days which is not nearly enough for recreational and small time players.

PokerView’s Special Features – Webcam Tables

There are several unique features at the Poker View poker room that even the large rooms cannot boast.  The most popular feature is the webcam poker tables. Only a handful of the poker rooms online today offer this. The only other poker room that offers webcam tables with the same amount of quality does not accept US players so PokerView is the only option for webcam poker players from the USA.

Playing with a webcam is cool for several reasons. I personally love being able to chat and see the competition. It puts the recreational aspect back into online poker. Staring at avatars is a thing of the past. When you can see the other players you will be able to watch for their tells.

A tell in poker can be just about anything. If you learn the competition’s tells you will find that winning money is easier. You will need to dust off your own poker face though since tells work both ways.

I like to broadcast my own tells, fake tells that is, and hope that the other players notice them. This type of reverse psychology can be very profitable and is very common at live poker tables.

When you use the bonus code listed above you will also receive a free webcam.

Not all of the tables are for webcam players. PokerView offers many regular tables so when you get bored with one you can play at the other.

PokerView Software & Traffic

Being part of a network has allowed PokerView to bypass the slow process of building up traffic. I won’t list their current traffic numbers because they are growing so fast. Are they as big as Pokerstars or Full Tilt Poker?  Not even close but micro-medium stakes Texas Hold’em players will have plenty of competition to choose from. The software at PokerView is somewhat basic but not in a bad way. They wanted easy to use software that doesn’t have any bugs and that is what they offer.

They do have some high-tech features like the webcam tables but the general feel of the software is simple and efficient.

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