Online Casino Games

I mostly play poker but I have been taking a break from that to play at online casinos. I love the variety that casinos offer. Instead of playing the same old 3-4 card games I can play a wide range of online casino games. Everything from blackjack to 3 card poker can be found at casinos. Another thing I love is the potential to hit a huge jackpot. The only way to win big at an online poker room is to win a tournament, which takes hours, or hit the bad beat jackpot that some rooms offer. The odds of doing either of these are very low. With casino games there are a lot of ways to win. Caribbean Stud for example is a game that allows you to play against the dealer but each hand has the potential to hit a huge jackpot. Its not an “all or nothing” type of game either. If you hit 4 of a kind you will win quite a bit but even if you just hit a flush the payout is still nice.

If you are playing $1/2 fixed limit Holdem against 3 people the most you can expect to win any given hand is around $50-60. If you are playing 3 card poker at an online casino and you bet $1 you can win anywhere from $1 to $xx,xxx. You have a nice probability of winning in the $X-$xx range but there is always the possibility to win $x,xxx-$xx,xxx.

I recently took advantage of one of the best online casino bonuses. Rushmore Online offers a 100% match up to $888 bonus. This is much larger than what the typical poker room offers.