Mixed Holdem – 7 Game Mix – 8 Game Mix

The three mixed poker games in the title of this blog post are among my favorite games to play at Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. Mixed Holdem and 8 Game Mix are exclusively available at Poker Stars and 7 Game mix can only be played at Full Tilt Poker. This blog post will cover the basics of each of these mixed games.

Mixed Holdem

You won’t find much action at Pokerstars’s Mixed Hold’em tables these days. They do offer some very juicy Mixed Holdem tournaments during their COOP tournament series. This game consists of 6 hands of No Limit Texas Holdem followed b 6 hands of Fixed Limit Texas Holdem.

7 Game Mix A.K.A  7-Game Poker

7 Game Mix is the most played mixed poker game at Full Tilt Poker these days. It replaced Horse Poker and is 2nd in overall traffic only to 8-Game Mix at Pokerstars which is covered below. This game consists of:

  • 1. FL Hold’em
  • 2. FL 7 Card Stud H/L
  • 3. FL Razz Poker
  • 4. FL Omaha H/L
  • 5. FL Seven Card Stud
  • 6. NL Texas Hold’em
  • 7. PL Omaha Poker

8 Game Mix A.K.A 8-Game Poker

8 Game Mix is today’s most played mixed game and can only be played at Pokerstars. This poker variant features all of the game in 7-Game and 2-7 Triple Draw. This game can be very juicy for skilled players.

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