Online Poker Growing In Asia – Report has reported that Asia is likely to be the next hot spot in the online poker industry. The online poker boom that swept the USA 7-8 years ago could pale in comparison to what may happen in countries like China and India. More and more people in Asia are expected to play poker online for money in 2012. India alone is home to 1,200,000 people, roughly 4 times as many people as the United States. India is also on the cutting edge of technology so access to computers and high speed internet is actually better there than it is in the US, except maybe in cities where they would be the same. India also has a massive economy which is growing must faster than many European countries.  When you combine these factors you come up with the potential for the largest online poker boom in history.

Other Asian countries are also starting to warm up to online poker. South Korea is a good example. They recently hosted an Asian Pacific Poker Tour event in Seoul. The APPT is sponsored by Pokerstars and they have been running it since 2004.

Another hot spot for online poker is in Macau. Many of you likely associate Macau with gambling because of their world famous casinos. The APPT hosted a poker tournament here as well.

According to a press release published by MSNBC about the growth of online poker in Asia there are many international gambling companies setting up businesses and partnerships in a host of Asian countries. reports that one of these companies is 2UP. This online gaming company recently issued a report that concurred that there is big potential for growth in several countries in Asia. This is also true for other forms of online gambling like casinos. also reported on another company that has done some research into online poker in Asia. Media Entertainment Consulting Network recently published a study the potential for an online poker market in India. They estimate that online poker could generate $50 billion per year in India.

India has an excellent economy and an educated work force. They also have a large population so the government would certainly love to tap in to this kind of revenue. After reading’s press release about this I think that the most impressive emerging market is in India. Other the next few years we will certainly see many companies setting up in India. Rooms like Pokerstars and Party Poker probably have already started this process. This is great timing for Pokerstars especially. They had to ban US players last year so India could recover the lost traffic and revenue easily, and then some.

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Best Baccarat Gaming Sites Online

Baccarat is a unique casino game. You will find Baccarat at most of the best  gaming sites.  This includes online casinos and poker rooms that have casinos built in to their software. Baccarat is also very popular at brick and mortar (live) casinos around the world.  There are two major reasons for Baccarat’s popularity amongst recreational and serious casino gamblers around the globe:

* Extremely low house advantage
* Obtaining the best odds requires no skill

Baccarat is a much easier game to win money at when compared to a game like Blackjack. The house edge in Blackjack can be twice as low but to achieve those odds you will need to play perfectly, Baccarat is different. You just place your bets and that is virtually it. You will not have to make any decisions that you could make a mistake on and lower your chances of winning.

The best Baccarat sites use the Punto Banco rules system. This is the most common way Baccarat is played. The house advantage for this game depends on what you bet on. You only have three betting options in Baccarat:

* Banker
* Player
* Tie

When you place a wager on the Banker’s hand the house edge will be 1.17%. Bets on the Player’s hand have a house advantage of 1.36%. The Tie bet is the least popular as it has a house edge of 14.12%. The Tie bet pays 8:1 and the other two bets pay 1:1.

You may be wondering why anyone would ever bet on the Player since the odds are slightly lower. When you bet on the Banker and win the house deducts 5%. This does not happen when you bet on the Player and win. This helps to even things out. The Tie bet is usually only made by amateur and recreational players. With an 8:1 payout it isn’t too bad of a longshot bet though. I usually place a small Tie bet every 10-20 games just to spice things up.

Where To Play Baccarat?

This is a difficult question to answer because I do not know you. Personal preferences and your location are going to be the deciding factors. Some online casinos and gaming sites do not accept real money players from the USA. Europeans can play at both the US casinos and the rest but some players prefer to stick with the big name online gambling companies in their country, especially people from the UK. here is a list of the best Baccarat sites. I will list the best US friendly site and the top international site for Baccarat.

– The Bodog Casino is popular around the world and is one of the leading Baccarat sites for Americans. Their casino software is more advanced than the average online casino. You can also play poker and bet on sports at Bodog so they are a great “all in one” gaming company.

Bet365 – Bet365 is one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent gambling companies. The table games, including Baccarat, at the Bet365 casino have one of the highest payout percentages (97.04%)  around. This is tested and certified every month so they are a very safe and trustworthy casino.