Free Golf Bets Online – Free PGA Golf Wager Offers

free pga golf bets 2014You may be like me and have only done well while playing golf on the Wii but that doesn’t mean that you can win money betting on golf at US online sportsbooks. I used to enjoy betting with my buddy while playing mini golf but I have since started wagering on golf online at sports betting sites, bookies, bookmakers and sports books that accept USA citizens in 2014. It all started when I claim a free golf bet in 2014 at BetOnline. It was a free $50 mobile golf bet. They will basically give you a free $50 wager on any sport when you place your first mobile bet. I started gambling at BetOnline several years ago because they were the fastest payout US sportsbook online, casino and poker room. If you free golf bet is a loser they will refund you $50. They also have a free golf bet for $25 when you place your first live in-play sports bet. Sportsbook free bets in 2014 can be found at several other USA online sportsbooks.

Free Sports Bets On Golf  In 2014 at US Sports Betting Sites

The number of golf players is definitely on the rise and it is only fair to predict that in a not so distant future, this will no longer be a game reserved to the elites. Nevertheless, for the time being this is a rather exclusivist game, with fewer professionals but with prices and salaries just as big. From a punter’s perspective, the option of betting on golf is a nice addition to any online casino while bookmakers who routinely offer free golf wagers are preferred by players.

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Those who reside in the United States and hope to enjoy the same online betting services as their counterparts from outside the borders, should check out The main reason for why this bookie stands out from the crowd is that it looks after its American players and this includes a nice first deposit bonus and swift withdrawals. You can add $1000 to your bankroll from the beginning and benefit from $75 installments in the form of free PGA golf bets. The 2014 US sportsbooks with free bets listed above all have super fast sportsbook payout & cashout speeds. This is based on reports done by You can get paid in 1-3 days for money transfers like MG and WU or 3-7 days for turbo checks. This is excellent compared to payouts in 2014 and 2015, which takes 4-5 months.

Free PGA, LPGA 7 Champions Tour Wagers At US Sportsbooks In 2014

This is by far the most popular golf circuit and both professionals and those who hope to make a name for themselves play here. This explains why there are so many markets offered for the PGA, as compared to other tournaments and it is refreshing to know that the free golf bets in 2014 can be used right away. An additional $10 free and risk-free $25 live dealer casino wager is offered by, which can also brag about some speedy withdrawals that can take as little as one day.
Betonline is another place where golf enthusiasts will feel at home, with five free PGA bets and no-deposit bonuses exceeding $130. This online sportsbook U.S. in 2014 & 2015 offers a first deposit bonus of the same amount and it takes just as little time for players to cash out their profits. During the major golf tournament, there are plenty of best to place, besides indicating the name of the winner, the ones who make the latter stages of the competition or picking a victor from various duels.

Free Golf Betting Sites For Americans In 2014

One of the reasons for why golf is such a popular among punters is that it is far more difficult to predict a winner in this competition than when betting on other sports. This translates into bigger odds and better payouts, even though variance can be significantly higher. This makes it even more important to be presented with freebies of all sorts, so that when the worst case scenario does happen, you won’t be set back financially too much.
As far as US residents are concerned, they need to make an educated decision when choosing the bookmaker, to avoid unnecessary complications. Being successful and winning most of the wagers is important but not enough, with celerity of deposits and withdrawals being just as important. I will update these free golf betting offers at US sportsbooks every month so check back here.

US Poker Sites For 2015 – Predictions

This is my first blog post and I will be talking about USA online poker rooms in 2013 and 2014. I am not able to look into the future so when I talk about U.S. poker rooms in 2015 I will be predicting. I do know quite a big about poker sites for US players right now though so all of that information will be accurate. I will begin by explaining why so many online poker players are upset about Ultimate Poker. You would think that Nevada legalizing online poker and launching a poker room would be good news but it is not. The people behind Ultimate Poker are incompetent and are making the poker industry look bad. Online casinos in 2015 will include big names like and Win Palace.


What would you do if you were new to online poker and you decided to check out the first legal USA poker room. You are playing for real money – Texas Holdem – and your first hole card is a A of Hearts. So far so good. Your next hole card is the Ace of Hearts. Pocket rockets, hell ya! Wait a minute….are we playing with two decks?


Things like this have been happening at the only poker room that US players can gamble at legally. If you had always been skeptical about the fairness of online poker this would be the nail in the coffin. How can the gambling capital of the universe now create a simple poker platform? Small time US poker sites in 2014 have been doing it for years without issues like this.


Not even 1% of America  can play at Ultimate Poker anyway, just people from Nevada. US poker rooms in 2015 like Bet Online Poker are much better.


Predictions For US Online Poker Rooms In 2015


I predict that USA poker rooms like Lock Poker will be history. The CEO there will likely be hiding in a basement somewhere. The payouts at Lock Poker are taking 5+ months. I expect the top U.S. poker sites in 2015 to be Full Flush  Poker and Pokerstars. Fulltilt Poker will likely be up there too.


Bovada Signup Number 2013

2013 poker sign up numberSince you are reading this you are obviously looking for a Bovada Poker signup number that is valid in 2013 and provides the best bonus possible. If so you can end your search here. As our top poker site for US citizens in 2013, Bovada has rewarded us by allowing us to offer extra incentives to people who enter the sign up number 3432170. Instead of offering you the typical 100% up to $500 bonus like so many other poker sites do we are going to give you six tickets to $100K qualifiers and a very easy to clear 100% up to $1,000 bonus! Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it must be your lucky day because it is true and this offer is valid throughout 2013 so you won’t get one of those “Invalid signup number: messages when you try to open your account and end up having to re-type you passwords and curse at the affiliate site that wasted your time by not updating their sign-up numbers. Find more info about by reading these Bovada poker reviews 2013.

$100 Instant Bonus & the $1,000 Deposit Bonus

100% bonus up to $1,000 – You will clear this bonus in the following increments: $10, $40, $100, $150, $300 and $400. Every 10 Bovada Points you earn is worth $1.

So if you deposit an odd number like $356 you will receive a $356 bonus and the 6 tickets. once you’ve earned 100 Bovada Points (BP’s) we will transfer $10 to your real money account Once you hit 500 BP’s we’ll give you another $40. A thousand BP’s later and we will transfer a Benjamin ($100) to you. 2,500 BP’s later and you’ll get another $150. For the remaining $56 in bonus money you will need to earn 560 BP’s.

2013 signup number poker tournaments

After entering our 2013 Bovada Poker sign-up number 3432170 you will immediately be able to signup to a $100,000 GTD qualifier. You get six chances to win so the odds are with you. Now, I would be remiss if I did not point out that the term  signup number is not the proper terminology. As you can see in the image at the top of this page it is actually called a Bovada Poker referral number but it really doesn’t matter what you call it, so long as you enter 3432170 you will receive every bonus and incentive mentioned on this page.

Bovada Review – Top US Sportsbook In 2013

One of the hottest spots online for gamers is Bovada Sports.  This all inclusive site features sportbook betting, poker games, and a Vegas-style casino, giving players of all interests their favorite games for the ultimate gaming experience.  Using the sportbook section of the site, players are able to bet on their favorite sporting events, 24/7/365 from the comfort of their own homes, while the poker and casino section of the site feature favorite games and a huge player base of competition. This Bovada 2013 review will look at the sports book, casino and poker room, all of which accept Americans.

Promotions At Bovada In 2013

Although promotions can change at any time, they typically offer a generous fifty-percent sign-up bonus for new players when they register for an account and place funds in the account for real-money games.  This is a substantial bonus that very few sportbook betting sites in 2013 offer.  So if you fund your account with $200, the Bovada sportsbook will give you the chance to earn half that amount, or $100, just for doing what you love best – wagering on sporting events, playing pokers, or taking part in casino games.

Bovada also offers an excellent referral bonus that is easy to earn.  All you have to do is tell all of your gaming buddies to register for an account on the site.  Once that’s done, your bonuses will start rolling in. There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer, and the more friends that sign up for the site, the more money you will earn.  You can use your referral bonus to fund your game play on all three sections of the site.

Poker At Bovada In 2013

Because there are three different sections on the site – sportbook betting, poker, and casino gaming, there is never a shortage of games to play.  No matter your gaming preference, there is a good chance that your game is being played on Bovada right now.  From Texas Hold’em and Omaha in the poker section to blackjack and craps in the casino section, to betting on your favorite team in the sportbook section – you’ll find that the variety of games on one site is unrivaled by other gaming sites that cater to just one type of game.  This means that when you tire of playing one, you can just click on over to another game with ease. Bovada Poker is a top US poker room in 2013 because of their high traffic, fast payouts and excellent software.

The Bovada Platform

The gaming software on Bovada allows for smooth and fast game play on all three sections of the site.  You can quickly and easily switch back and forth between sportbook betting and poker, or poker and casino gaming with just the simple click of your mouse.  You will also love the top notch graphics that add to the gaming experience.  The software will also track your bets and wagers, as well as winning hands, so that you can see at a glance the games you have bet on and the hands that you have won.

Bovada Payouts & Deposits

Funding your player account is easy on Bovada. You can choose to use a credit or debit card, or various services like Neteller to deposit money and to withdraw  your winnings. Bovada cash outs in 2013 include Moneygram, checks and Western Union.  Bovada is one of the fastest paying US gambling sites in 2013.

Cake Poker Moves US Players To Juicy Stakes Poker

Cake Poker will be moving all of their US players to Juicy Stakes Poker in 3 days. Lock Poker recently acquired the failing Cake Poker Network and use its traffic to create the Revolution Network. Both Cake Poker and JuicyStakes Poker are now skins on this new US poker network. Like usual Cake Poker has told their customers very little about all of this. Cake Poker has always had a horrible reputation in the poker industry. They are pretty lucky to have even sold their failing network. Many of the big skins on the Cake Network have pulled out over the last few years. Many of the skins that stayed with Cake Poker also have reputations for treating both players and affiliates like garbage. Allin Poker is a good example. They have resorted to outright theft and refuse to answer a single email over non-payment issues. That has been going on for several months.

Hopefully Juicy Stakes Poker will handle things differently. I took a look at this poker room earlier and it uses the Cake Poker software. This is pretty sad but this software has not changed in over 5 years.

Juicy Stakes Poker does technically share the title for the largest US poker site with the other rooms on the network. Lock Poker is the flagship room and the network’s owner. They are off to0 a pretty bad start as far as PR goes but you cannot argue with numbers.

Juicy Stakes Poker Review

Cake may take two approaches with Juicy Stakes Poker. We know that only the US players will be moved there but we don’t know if anyone else will be allowed to sign up. It is rumored that no new US players will be accepted at JuicyStakes Poker. This Juicy Stakes Poker review mentions that they have not even issued any signup codes or bonus codes.

US Poker Sites With USA Friendly Deposit Options

US poker players have been having trouble making deposits at some of the largest US poker sites during the last few weeks. There are two US friendly poker sites that have not been affected by these troubles. You can actually have your withdrawal in cash within 24 hours at these two poker sites. Depositing is also super-easy for Americans.

BetOnline Poker – BetOnline has been a leading US sports book for over a decade. This is a stand-alone poker site but they are just as large as Carbon Poker or any Merge skin. They offer 3 check cashout speed options but I really suggest using Moneygram or Western Union. It takes about a day and you can go to any Currency Exchange, Wal-Mart (or a million other stores) and pick up your winnings in cash. Betonline also has a US friendly casino and their casino paigow is unbelievably fun.

  • Visit BetOnline – Use this link for a $900 bonus and 200 promo bucks (T$)

Bovada Poker – Bovada is the US side to Bodog and they are the easiest US poker site to deposit at. They are also the largest US casino and sportsbook. They can process checks by turbo-check, Moneygram, Westernunion and a few other options that are extremely fast.

  • Visit Bovada – Use this link for a 100% bonus up to $1,000 + $100k MTT tickets

Lock Poker – Recent left the Merge Network to create their own. They are the largest US poker site in September, 2012. Depositing at Lock Poker is easy and instant. You can claim a 200% bonus up to $4,000 when you use the link below to visit them and signup.

There are other US poker sites in October 2012 but Americans cannot deposit at them. I’ve been looking into Muchos Poker as a possible solution for these USA rooms.

Poker Satellite Tournaments – Going Big

Poker satellite tournaments are responsible for the success of many of today’s professional poker players. When you watch a WSOP or WPT event on TV you probably don’t think about how these people got there. Are they all rich amateur poker players that have an extra $5,000 to $10,000 laying around? You will be surprised to learn that many of them won their seats via low cost poker satellites at online poker rooms. Chris Moneymaker is the perfect example. He was partially responsible for the big online poker boom that started in 2003-2004. If it wasn’t for a $39 satellite tournament offered by Pokerstars in 2003 you wouldn’t even know who Chris Moneymaker is right now. Here is an overview of how satellite tournaments turned Chris into a poker legend.

Poker Satellite Tournaments – The Chris Moneymaker Story

In 2003 Chris Moneymaker was an accountant and also worked part-time at a restaurant. He enjoyed playing small stakes poker at Pokerstars as a hobby. At this point Pokerstars wasn’t the giant it is today. Pokerstars was focused on tournaments in 2003.  Chris played in a $39 WSOP Main Event satellite at Pokerstars. After that he quit his jobs and became the spokesperson for Pokerstars.

Satellite Tournament Guide

Nowadays online poker sites like Pokerstars send thousands of players to major live events around the world. Every poker room I have ever played at has promotions like this. To win a five figure seat package at a live event you can go one of two routes in regards to satellite tournaments:

  • Low buy-in, multiple steps – The road to the Main Event can start with as little as $1.10 or you can simply use poker points to buy in to the satellite. This is true for both satellite sitngos and tournaments. If you go this route you will likely need to win several satellites in a row. Winning a $1.10 satellite will mean you win a seat at a $30-$40 satellite. Winning this will give you a seat at a $1,200 buy-in satellite. When you win this you will have your package to a live event. I just made up these numbers right now. Depending on the poker room and the promotion you might only need to win 2 satellites or you could have to win 5 sitngos.
  • High buy-in, single step – You can jump straight into a direct satellite to a large live event by risking a little more cash. The actual amount of cash will depend on the satellite. If you want to invest a couple hundred dollars into your new online poker career you can sign up for a direct satellite.

How Satellites Work – A Real Example From Pokerstars

I just checked at Pokerstars and I found a good example of the types of satellites available today. The prize is a seat package at the LAPT (Latin Poker Tour) Grand Final in Brazil. This package includes the seat buy-in, hotel reservations and $1,630 in spending money, for a total of $5,700. To buy directly in to the Grand Final satellite it would cost $215. There are five different satellite buy-in levels to get into the Grand Final if $215 is out of your budget:

  • $4.40
  • $16.50
  • $22
  • $44
  • $51

This gives everyone a chance regardless of their bankroll. If you want to risk a little more and give yourself much better odds to get a seat at the Grand Final satellite you can play in 6 or 10 player sitngos.

Another option would be using your Pokerstars FPPs to purchase a ticket to a satellite. You can buy satellite tickets through the VIP store. A $215 satellite tournament ticket costs 13,500 FPPs at Pokerstars.

Online Poker Growing In Asia – Report has reported that Asia is likely to be the next hot spot in the online poker industry. The online poker boom that swept the USA 7-8 years ago could pale in comparison to what may happen in countries like China and India. More and more people in Asia are expected to play poker online for money in 2012. India alone is home to 1,200,000 people, roughly 4 times as many people as the United States. India is also on the cutting edge of technology so access to computers and high speed internet is actually better there than it is in the US, except maybe in cities where they would be the same. India also has a massive economy which is growing must faster than many European countries.  When you combine these factors you come up with the potential for the largest online poker boom in history.

Other Asian countries are also starting to warm up to online poker. South Korea is a good example. They recently hosted an Asian Pacific Poker Tour event in Seoul. The APPT is sponsored by Pokerstars and they have been running it since 2004.

Another hot spot for online poker is in Macau. Many of you likely associate Macau with gambling because of their world famous casinos. The APPT hosted a poker tournament here as well.

According to a press release published by MSNBC about the growth of online poker in Asia there are many international gambling companies setting up businesses and partnerships in a host of Asian countries. reports that one of these companies is 2UP. This online gaming company recently issued a report that concurred that there is big potential for growth in several countries in Asia. This is also true for other forms of online gambling like casinos. also reported on another company that has done some research into online poker in Asia. Media Entertainment Consulting Network recently published a study the potential for an online poker market in India. They estimate that online poker could generate $50 billion per year in India.

India has an excellent economy and an educated work force. They also have a large population so the government would certainly love to tap in to this kind of revenue. After reading’s press release about this I think that the most impressive emerging market is in India. Other the next few years we will certainly see many companies setting up in India. Rooms like Pokerstars and Party Poker probably have already started this process. This is great timing for Pokerstars especially. They had to ban US players last year so India could recover the lost traffic and revenue easily, and then some.

For more information on this topic or anything else poker related check out They offer guides and articles on a host of topics including the legality of online poker in certain parts of the world. They also cover poker room reviews, poker bonus codes, poker rules articles, poker strategy articles, deposit option articles and general online poker guides. They are one of the Internet’s top resources for the latest poker news and they can help you get better than normal bonuses at the best poker sites.

Online Betting Sites For Beginners

Online betting sites come in a variety of different niches. My first lesson to beginners looking to sign up at a betting site is that you can bet on virtually anything these days. Most betting sites specialize in one type of betting but some try to cover as many industries as possible. If you want to bet on sports you should look for sports betting sites. If you want to bet on currencies or stocks you should choose a for-ex or spread betting site. In 2012 you can bet on who will win the next presidential election or who will win the best musical artist of the year award. So the first thing you should do is consider what you want to bet at. I’ve found that some of the big name sports books can cover a lot of different industries so they are a good place to start for beginners.

Sometimes it is better to sign up at a specialized betting site though. Horse race betting is a solid example. Many online sports books also offer horse race betting but it can be better to place all of your horse wagers at one of the mainstream horse betting sites. Since these sites only deal with horse racing they tend to offer a better overall service.

Types Of Betting Sites

As I mentioned there are many different types of betting sites. Beginners may not even know some of them are even available. The online betting industry is expanding all of the time so this list will continue to grow. Here is a basic list of the major types of betting sites available in 2012.

  • Sports betting
  • Horse race betting
  • Currency betting sites
  • Spread betting

Sports betting sites are pretty self explanatory. I would shop around and look at the number of sports any given sports book offers action on before signing up. Some cover every major sport, many obscure sports and some things that are more games than actual sports. Having a large number of betting options is always good.

I’ve found that horse race betting sites offer a better overall service than sports books that dabble in horse racing on the side. You will have access to more races and be able to take advantage of the specialized loyalty programs.

Currency betting sites and spread betting are very similar. I would have grouped them together but there are some benefits to choosing one over the other, just like with sports books and horse race betting sites. Spread betting sites allow you to wager on the future of a particular stock, index, market or currency. Currency betting sites specialize in just this field.

Spread betting allows you to win money by betting on a stock going up or down. How much you win is determined by the changes in stock value. You can pull out of a bet after a week for a quick win, or to minimize losses, or you can stay with the bet for months. It is important to note that you are not betting s fixed amount. If you bet $1/point you can essentially win or lose hundreds or thousands of dollars. These types of betting sites do allow you to specify a minimum and maximum for gains and losses.

Guide To Testing Online Poker Rooms

Online poker players tend to fill out registration forms and enter banking information without really thinking about is the poker room is safe, fair or even has good traffic. It’s like there is a big rush to signup, deposit and sit down at the real money tables. You should put any room that you are considering signing up at through the online poker test. Testing a poker room does not involve making a deposit or even signing up. Most of the time you can test every major aspect of a poker room simply by taking a close look at their web site, software and their reputation at poker room testing web sites and online poker communities. There are a number of things to keep in mind when giving a room the online poker test.

  • Do they accept players from your country?
  • Do they offer the type of games you prefer to play?
  • Do they boast enough traffic to make playing your preferred games there worthwhile?
  • Do they accept a deposit option that you are able to use?
  • Do they have solid reputation for fairness and responsible banking practices?

You might be wondering why we testing a poker room’s reputation would come last. I put it last because the other factors can be tested very quickly and there isn’t much room for debate. If a room doesn’t accept players from your country or doesn’t offer your favorite game (i.e. Stud) there is no point in sifting through poker forums and other sites to find out if they have a good reputation. Here are some tips for quickly finding answers to the test questions listed above.

Many poker rooms offer LiveChat and/or phone support so finding out if players from your country can play there for real money is both fast and easy. If they only offer email support and you don’t feel like waiting hours or even days you can search their FAQ to find out. The next two questions are even easier to find answers to. Downloading the poker room’s software, without signing up, typically enables you to view the lobby. Checking out the game variety and traffic will only take a second. If traffic is somewhat low it may be the slow hours at the poker site so be sure to keep that in mind.

If the poker site test is looking good thus far you will want to spend a little time with the next question, especially if you are an American. You want to make sure the poker room has a deposit option that you can use. Almost every poker room has a page on their web site that lists the accept deposit methods. Sadly these lists are usually out of date so I would either contact them or create a play money account so you can visit the cashier and find out exactly what options are available.

The final part of the poker room test is the most important and time consuming. Finding out if a poker room has a decent reputation can be tricky. Googling the poker room’s name will likely lead you to review pages at affiliate sites. These rooms will say anything to get you to signup under their links so don’t put too much weight behind what you read. I’ve found that poker forums threads about the poker room will provide you with a trustworthy and up to date picture of the poker room’s reputation. There are some affiliate sites that are completely when it comes to poker room tests and reviews. is a good example. They offer unbiased reviews and tests for the top poker rooms in 2012.

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