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no deposit blackjack bonuses 2014USA online blackjack is one of the most popular casino games played on the Internet by Americans for money in 2014. Not all 2014 USA friendly casinos have great blackjack action. US casinos that only offer a few blackjack games are pretty lame when compared to USA online casinos like or Win Palace. These USA online blackjack casinos in 2014 not only have over a dozen blackjack games, but when you use our link and no deposit blackjack code you will get free casino money without a deposit. The free blackjack money at these online casinos open to USA players will be credited instantly if you use our link to visit the casino and enter in our no deposit bonus code if needed. I have listed the USA casino no deposit bonus codes and links below. USA blackjack games online can be very profitable to even unskilled players. You can become a blackjack expert by reading strategy articles. . Blackjack has a lower house edge than any casino game in 2014.

USA casino blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and also one of those games where the player has the best odds against the house. No matter how many players are valid for the individual player to get as close to 21 as possible in relation to the dealer’s cards. At first glance it appears Blackjack is very simple and seemingly, the odds are 50/50 against the house. Indeed, it is easy to learn, but the game is far more complicated than just being able to count to 21 if you want to maximize your chances of winning. In addition to the rules are the optimal strategies that you can and should use in order to have as good chance as possible to beat the house.
Below you will find complete information about the game of blackjack at US casinos  with information about rules, optimal game strategies and other things you might find useful when you play blackjack online at USA casinos in 2014.

Rules for Playing online blackjack at USA Casinos in 2014

The foundation of blackjack is to get a higher score than the dealer without getting over 21. If you have 21 with your first two cards (an ace and a face card), you have blackjack and wins automatically in most variations of the game.
The game has basic rules that are quick to learn. All face cards are worth ten, an ace is worth one or eleven, and all numbered cards have the value on the card, regardless of color.
You can take as many cards as you want as long as you do not go above 21. When you win against the house, you get double the bet back, except for those times you get blackjack, which usually gives 2.5 times the money. If you and the dealer landing at the same result, you get your bet back.
These are the basic rules, but there are also other variants of blackjack.


US Poker Sites For 2015 – Predictions

This is my first blog post and I will be talking about USA online poker rooms in 2013 and 2014. I am not able to look into the future so when I talk about U.S. poker rooms in 2015 I will be predicting. I do know quite a big about poker sites for US players right now though so all of that information will be accurate. I will begin by explaining why so many online poker players are upset about Ultimate Poker. You would think that Nevada legalizing online poker and launching a poker room would be good news but it is not. The people behind Ultimate Poker are incompetent and are making the poker industry look bad. Online casinos in 2015 will include big names like and Win Palace.


What would you do if you were new to online poker and you decided to check out the first legal USA poker room. You are playing for real money – Texas Holdem – and your first hole card is a A of Hearts. So far so good. Your next hole card is the Ace of Hearts. Pocket rockets, hell ya! Wait a minute….are we playing with two decks?


Things like this have been happening at the only poker room that US players can gamble at legally. If you had always been skeptical about the fairness of online poker this would be the nail in the coffin. How can the gambling capital of the universe now create a simple poker platform? Small time US poker sites in 2014 have been doing it for years without issues like this.


Not even 1% of America  can play at Ultimate Poker anyway, just people from Nevada. US poker rooms in 2015 like Bet Online Poker are much better.


Predictions For US Online Poker Rooms In 2015


I predict that USA poker rooms like Lock Poker will be history. The CEO there will likely be hiding in a basement somewhere. The payouts at Lock Poker are taking 5+ months. I expect the top U.S. poker sites in 2015 to be Full Flush  Poker and Pokerstars. Fulltilt Poker will likely be up there too.


Bovada Signup Number 2013

2013 poker sign up numberSince you are reading this you are obviously looking for a Bovada Poker signup number that is valid in 2013 and provides the best bonus possible. If so you can end your search here. As our top poker site for US citizens in 2013, Bovada has rewarded us by allowing us to offer extra incentives to people who enter the sign up number 3432170. Instead of offering you the typical 100% up to $500 bonus like so many other poker sites do we are going to give you six tickets to $100K qualifiers and a very easy to clear 100% up to $1,000 bonus! Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it must be your lucky day because it is true and this offer is valid throughout 2013 so you won’t get one of those “Invalid signup number: messages when you try to open your account and end up having to re-type you passwords and curse at the affiliate site that wasted your time by not updating their sign-up numbers. Find more info about by reading these Bovada poker reviews 2013.

$100 Instant Bonus & the $1,000 Deposit Bonus

100% bonus up to $1,000 – You will clear this bonus in the following increments: $10, $40, $100, $150, $300 and $400. Every 10 Bovada Points you earn is worth $1.

So if you deposit an odd number like $356 you will receive a $356 bonus and the 6 tickets. once you’ve earned 100 Bovada Points (BP’s) we will transfer $10 to your real money account Once you hit 500 BP’s we’ll give you another $40. A thousand BP’s later and we will transfer a Benjamin ($100) to you. 2,500 BP’s later and you’ll get another $150. For the remaining $56 in bonus money you will need to earn 560 BP’s.

2013 signup number poker tournaments

After entering our 2013 Bovada Poker sign-up number 3432170 you will immediately be able to signup to a $100,000 GTD qualifier. You get six chances to win so the odds are with you. Now, I would be remiss if I did not point out that the term  signup number is not the proper terminology. As you can see in the image at the top of this page it is actually called a Bovada Poker referral number but it really doesn’t matter what you call it, so long as you enter 3432170 you will receive every bonus and incentive mentioned on this page.

Bovada Review – Top US Sportsbook In 2013

One of the hottest spots online for gamers is Bovada Sports.  This all inclusive site features sportbook betting, poker games, and a Vegas-style casino, giving players of all interests their favorite games for the ultimate gaming experience.  Using the sportbook section of the site, players are able to bet on their favorite sporting events, 24/7/365 from the comfort of their own homes, while the poker and casino section of the site feature favorite games and a huge player base of competition. This Bovada 2013 review will look at the sports book, casino and poker room, all of which accept Americans.

Promotions At Bovada In 2013

Although promotions can change at any time, they typically offer a generous fifty-percent sign-up bonus for new players when they register for an account and place funds in the account for real-money games.  This is a substantial bonus that very few sportbook betting sites in 2013 offer.  So if you fund your account with $200, the Bovada sportsbook will give you the chance to earn half that amount, or $100, just for doing what you love best – wagering on sporting events, playing pokers, or taking part in casino games.

Bovada also offers an excellent referral bonus that is easy to earn.  All you have to do is tell all of your gaming buddies to register for an account on the site.  Once that’s done, your bonuses will start rolling in. There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer, and the more friends that sign up for the site, the more money you will earn.  You can use your referral bonus to fund your game play on all three sections of the site.

Poker At Bovada In 2013

Because there are three different sections on the site – sportbook betting, poker, and casino gaming, there is never a shortage of games to play.  No matter your gaming preference, there is a good chance that your game is being played on Bovada right now.  From Texas Hold’em and Omaha in the poker section to blackjack and craps in the casino section, to betting on your favorite team in the sportbook section – you’ll find that the variety of games on one site is unrivaled by other gaming sites that cater to just one type of game.  This means that when you tire of playing one, you can just click on over to another game with ease. Bovada Poker is a top US poker room in 2013 because of their high traffic, fast payouts and excellent software.

The Bovada Platform

The gaming software on Bovada allows for smooth and fast game play on all three sections of the site.  You can quickly and easily switch back and forth between sportbook betting and poker, or poker and casino gaming with just the simple click of your mouse.  You will also love the top notch graphics that add to the gaming experience.  The software will also track your bets and wagers, as well as winning hands, so that you can see at a glance the games you have bet on and the hands that you have won.

Bovada Payouts & Deposits

Funding your player account is easy on Bovada. You can choose to use a credit or debit card, or various services like Neteller to deposit money and to withdraw  your winnings. Bovada cash outs in 2013 include Moneygram, checks and Western Union.  Bovada is one of the fastest paying US gambling sites in 2013.

Cake Poker Moves US Players To Juicy Stakes Poker

Cake Poker will be moving all of their US players to Juicy Stakes Poker in 3 days. Lock Poker recently acquired the failing Cake Poker Network and use its traffic to create the Revolution Network. Both Cake Poker and JuicyStakes Poker are now skins on this new US poker network. Like usual Cake Poker has told their customers very little about all of this. Cake Poker has always had a horrible reputation in the poker industry. They are pretty lucky to have even sold their failing network. Many of the big skins on the Cake Network have pulled out over the last few years. Many of the skins that stayed with Cake Poker also have reputations for treating both players and affiliates like garbage. Allin Poker is a good example. They have resorted to outright theft and refuse to answer a single email over non-payment issues. That has been going on for several months.

Hopefully Juicy Stakes Poker will handle things differently. I took a look at this poker room earlier and it uses the Cake Poker software. This is pretty sad but this software has not changed in over 5 years.

Juicy Stakes Poker does technically share the title for the largest US poker site with the other rooms on the network. Lock Poker is the flagship room and the network’s owner. They are off to0 a pretty bad start as far as PR goes but you cannot argue with numbers.

Juicy Stakes Poker Review

Cake may take two approaches with Juicy Stakes Poker. We know that only the US players will be moved there but we don’t know if anyone else will be allowed to sign up. It is rumored that no new US players will be accepted at JuicyStakes Poker. This Juicy Stakes Poker review mentions that they have not even issued any signup codes or bonus codes.

US Poker Sites With USA Friendly Deposit Options

US poker players have been having trouble making deposits at some of the largest US poker sites during the last few weeks. There are two US friendly poker sites that have not been affected by these troubles. You can actually have your withdrawal in cash within 24 hours at these two poker sites. Depositing is also super-easy for Americans.

BetOnline Poker – BetOnline has been a leading US sports book for over a decade. This is a stand-alone poker site but they are just as large as Carbon Poker or any Merge skin. They offer 3 check cashout speed options but I really suggest using Moneygram or Western Union. It takes about a day and you can go to any Currency Exchange, Wal-Mart (or a million other stores) and pick up your winnings in cash. Betonline also has a US friendly casino and their casino paigow is unbelievably fun.

  • Visit BetOnline – Use this link for a $900 bonus and 200 promo bucks (T$)

Bovada Poker – Bovada is the US side to Bodog and they are the easiest US poker site to deposit at. They are also the largest US casino and sportsbook. They can process checks by turbo-check, Moneygram, Westernunion and a few other options that are extremely fast.

  • Visit Bovada – Use this link for a 100% bonus up to $1,000 + $100k MTT tickets

Lock Poker – Recent left the Merge Network to create their own. They are the largest US poker site in September, 2012. Depositing at Lock Poker is easy and instant. You can claim a 200% bonus up to $4,000 when you use the link below to visit them and signup.

There are other US poker sites in October 2012 but Americans cannot deposit at them. I’ve been looking into Muchos Poker as a possible solution for these USA rooms.

Luck Based Online Casino Games

Online casino games can be classified into two categories: luck and skill based. The best online casino games are not always the games with the best odds. In skill based games the odds that most people list are the best possible odds based on playing perfectly. Blackjack is a good example. Most casino gamblers will say that Blackjack has a house edge of .28% and this might be true for them. If you had never played Blackjack before and were just thought the basic rules and objectives what you do think the house edge would be? It could easily increase to 30-40%, which would make it the worst game at the casino.

Luck based games like scratch cards and Roulette are different. When you play scratch cards you cannot possibly make a mistake. Nothing you can do will decrease your odds of winning. Some of you may be wondering why I am using scratchcards as an example. The common belief regarding scratch cards is that they are sucker bets. If you are referring to the cards sold by your local government lottery agency you would be correct. You may as well throw your money away. The scratch cards that I am talking about are the ones available online.

Online scratch cards can also be classified into two categories; generic and interactive. Generic scratch cards are usually available on a very limited basis at online casinos and you will simply use your mouse to scratch off the card. These are typically boring and not very popular. The new interactive scratch cards involve much more and have excellent odds.

At less than half of the scratch cards are even remotely comparable to what most people are familiar with. They are more like new casino games than updated versions of an old casino game.

As a 100% luck based game scratch cards are ideal for recreational and inexperienced casino gamblers. They remind me of the cool games that people play for fun online to pass the time. The house edge will vary from game to game but luckily 888 Games allows visitors to play their scratch card games without downloading or signing up for an account. These games are fun to play when they are played for free so it will not take you long to get a feel for which games have great odds.

Once you have found a few scratch card games at that you like to play you can opt to signup, deposit and play for money. This game site is offering some cool promotions including a free $5 to new players. When you make your first deposit 888 Games will give you even more money. There are some minor clearance requirements so you cannot simply receive a bonus and cash it out. They would have gone out of business a long time ago if they let people do that.

Visit the web site and play a few of their scratch card and other online casino games through your browser. If you enjoyed the games and want to play for real money there is a section on their web site that explains how you can receive the free $5 just for creating an account.

Real Money Online Roulette Tips

Online Roulette players can improve their odds of winning money when they follow the tips in this post. Obviously Roulette doesn’t have any complex strategies like Blackjack but you can increase the chance of winning none the less. When you play real money online Roulette you should be aware of the version that you are playing. There are two main versions of online  Roulette and the difference in the odds is vast. I will discuss these two variants and offer a couple more Roulette tips that will help you when you play online.

Single Zero Vs Double Zero Roulette – Tip #1

The house edge on almost every bet at a double zero (American) Roulette table is 5.26%. This basically means that on average a $100 wager will pay out $94.74. The more popular single zero Roulette game’s house edge is 2.63%. When it comes to casino gambling you want to play the games that are as close to 50:50 as possible. Vegas casinos tend to offer both Roulette versions but restrict the single zero game to medium and high stakes bettors. I’ve never been a fan of this policy because it gives well bankrolled gamblers an advantage over everyone else.

Online casinos are different though. You will not have any trouble finding a single zero Roulette table that has a minimum bet of $1 or less.

Bankroll Management For Online Roulette – Tip #2

Proper bankroll management is just as important in Roulette as it is in poker. You should always play within your means. In this case bankroll management has another definition. You should set strict goals when you play Roulette for real money. As with any casino game you will lose all of your money if you play long enough. Knowing when to quit when you are head and cutting your losses when Lady Luck isn’t smiling at you will help you win more money.

$200 bankroll:

  • With a $200 bankroll you should be placing wagers of $5 or less on the 1:1 bets like Red/Black and Odd/Even. Your maximum limit for single number bets should be $2 or less.
  • Goal: If you are having a good run at the Roulette table it is important for you to know when to walk away a winner. I typically end my session if I have won 50%-100% of my bankroll. So if you sit with $200 a good goal would be $300-$400. If you think that your luck will hold you should at least lower the amount of your wagers so a bad streak will not eat too much of your profit.
  • Cutting Losses – Every real money Roulette player has experienced a bad run. Sometimes you just can’t seem to win anything. I always suggest that players should walk away if they have lost 25% of their original bankroll.

When you are down never increase your bets with the goal of winning your money back in mind. If anything you should lower your bets and see if your luck changes. Online Roulette is perfect because you can place wagers that are 90-99% lower than you can at brick and mortar casinos.

Speed Control in Roulette – Tip #3

Online casino software usually boasts an option to customize your speed. When you play at extremely high speeds it can cause you to lose perspective on your winnings or losses. Live Roulette has an average speed of around 25-40 spins per hour. Internet Roulette players can easily clock in at around 500-750 spins per hour.

You should be very cautious when playing at these speeds. Online Roulette players have been known to develop something like tunnel vision and they lose track of their bankroll rules and objectives.

Online Casinos For Americans In 2011

American casino gamblers are welcome at many online casinos but there are also many that do not accept them.  Casino portals do not help matters much since some of them contain outdated information. Online casinos that accept real money wagers from U.S. citizens are the minority so it can take a decent amount of effort to find a good one. You also have to consider the casino’s reputation, fairness, banking options & speeds and the overall quality of their service.

Online casino gamblers from the USA are more at risk to scams than Europeans. If an online casino refuses to pay an American jackpot winner he or she will not have many options because online gambling is still in a grey area of the law. In this post I will list the most popular Internet casinos that accept U.S. gamblers. These casinos pay good money for web sites like this one to send them players so you shouldn’t take my word for it. I will list the best U.S. online casinos and offer some tips on how you can independently research these casinos yourself. This way you will have the necessary knowledge to determine if a casino is safe or not.

The Top U.S. Friendly Casinos Online In 2011

Cherry Red Casino – The Cherry Red Casino has only been around for several years but during that short time they have become one of the top destinations for American casino gamblers. I believe their popularity is in large part due to their bonuses and promotions. Their VIP rewards program is much more than the generic comp point system. The benefits include special bonuses, cashback offers that will grow as your VIP level increases and the ability to get more cash for your comp points.

Slots Jungle – Don’t let the name fool you, Slots Jungle offers much more than slot machines. Granted, their slot games and slot based promotions are without rival but they offer just as many table and video poker games as any other online casino. They provide specially formatted bonuses to Blackjack, video poker and slot machine enthusiasts. Their slots tournaments are available every day from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm ET. Other online casinos run slot tournaments but Slots Jungle holds the title for the most and the best.

Casino Titan – This casino dabbles in everything. They might not be able to match the bonuses at Cherry Red or the slots tournaments at Slots Jungle but their special events and promotions are very well rounded and all types of players will find them appealing. Their banking service is one of their major strengths. Super-fast cashouts and simple deposit methods are more important to the average U.S. casino gambler than a deposit bonus and Casino Titan scores high marks in that department.

Casino Fairness & Safety -Find Out For Yourself

Online casino portals, also known as affiliate web sites, usually feature the casinos that offer them the most money. It has little to do with the actual quality of the casino. It wouldn’t be in their best interests to promote a shady casino but that doesn’t mean that they do any research on the ones they list on their web sites. I will teach you some of the tricks I use to find out if a casino is safe to play at.

The first thing you want to look for is a certification seal located towards the bottom of the casino’s homepage. There are several different fairness agencies out there. Technical Systems Testing and eCogra are the most common. Sometimes the casinos will just display the seal and other times they will link the seal image to their certification page which lists the payout percentages for their games.

There are several major watchdog communities out there that monitor casinos and ban them if they have any serious issues. By doing a Google search like “XXX Casino scam” or “XXX Casino ripoff” you will find any negative feedback from other players, if there is any.

Online Blackjack Vs Slots

Blackjack and slots are the two most popular games at both brick and mortar and online casinos. The Blackjack vs slots debate may seem one-sided at a glance but there is more to this than meets the eye. Online Blackjack sites will claim that Blackjack has a much lower house edge than slot games. This is certainly true but there are other factors that need to be looked at. In this post I will compare these two popular casino games. After reading this article you should have a better idea of which game offers you the best chance to win money.

Online Blackjack Vs Slot Machines – Making A Profit

The house edge for a casino game is an important statistic to know but a lower house edge does not always mean that you will have better odds of winning money. The house edge for online Blackjack will change from casino to casino. There are many Blackjack variants out there and each one offers different odds. The house edge for Blackjack should be around .5%.  Some slots gambling sites feature games with low house advantages but nothing close to .5%.  A good slots game will have a house edge of 5% or less but some can easily be in the double digits. Based on the statistics listed above you would lose $.50 for every $100 you wager in Blackjack and $5 on a slot machine. Clearly Blackjack is the more profitable game, if you only considered the house edge but that can be very misleading.

If you only have a basic understanding of Blackjack strategies you will not receive these excellent odds. Slot games do not typically require any decision making that can alter the odds. A slot machine that will typically earn the casino $5 for every $100 wagered can easily be more profitable than Blackjack if you deviate from the accepted Blackjack strategy, even if you only do so 5% of the time.

Everyone is different so it would be impossible for me to tell you which game is better for you. I do know a way you can find out without having to risk any money though. All online casino sites allow you to play for fun money. Play Blackjack and the slot machines to see which one yields better results. It may take many sessions to get an accurate picture but in the end you should have a clear picture which game is best for you.

The slot games at an online casino have one additional advantage over Blackjack. When you make a deposit at an online casino you will receive a bonus. Some casino sites will give you a bonus on every deposit you make. These bonuses can make all of the difference in the world to your bottom line. In order to cash these bonuses out you will have to wager a certain amount of money. A good example would be 60 times the amount of the bonus.

If you wager $500 at a slot machine that will usually count as $5600 wagered. The same cannot be said for $500 in Blackjack wagers. Blackjack’s low house edge will come back to haunt you when it comes to clearing your bonuses. Some casinos will count that $500 as only $25 wagered (5%) due to the low edge. Other casinos may not Blackjack wagers at all. I personally like to play a healthy mix of both Blackjack and slots.

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