Cake Poker Moves US Players To Juicy Stakes Poker

Cake Poker will be moving all of their US players to Juicy Stakes Poker in 3 days. Lock Poker recently acquired the failing Cake Poker Network and use its traffic to create the Revolution Network. Both Cake Poker and JuicyStakes Poker are now skins on this new US poker network. Like usual Cake Poker has told their customers very little about all of this. Cake Poker has always had a horrible reputation in the poker industry. They are pretty lucky to have even sold their failing network. Many of the big skins on the Cake Network have pulled out over the last few years. Many of the skins that stayed with Cake Poker also have reputations for treating both players and affiliates like garbage. Allin Poker is a good example. They have resorted to outright theft and refuse to answer a single email over non-payment issues. That has been going on for several months.

Hopefully Juicy Stakes Poker will handle things differently. I took a look at this poker room earlier and it uses the Cake Poker software. This is pretty sad but this software has not changed in over 5 years.

Juicy Stakes Poker does technically share the title for the largest US poker site with the other rooms on the network. Lock Poker is the flagship room and the network’s owner. They are off to0 a pretty bad start as far as PR goes but you cannot argue with numbers.

Juicy Stakes Poker Review

Cake may take two approaches with Juicy Stakes Poker. We know that only the US players will be moved there but we don’t know if anyone else will be allowed to sign up. It is rumored that no new US players will be accepted at JuicyStakes Poker. This Juicy Stakes Poker review mentions that they have not even issued any signup codes or bonus codes.

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